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Incurin For Dogs

Incurin is used to control urinary incontinence in spayed bitches. This is a hormonal problem resulting in the urethral sphincter muscle being weaker than usual meaning that urine can leak out unconsciously. This is called urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence (SMI).
Incurin contains the active ingredient Estriol which is a type of Oestrogen. Oestrogen is a hormone which causes the muscular urethral sphincter to tighten and as a result it can more easily control urination, stopping the leaking.
Incurin has only been shown to be effective in spayed bitches, it has not been shown to be effective in intact bitches or in male dogs.

Incurin 1mg tablets for dogs


Incurin is a drug that is used to control urinary incontinence in dogs, specifically spayed bitches. Incurin is manufactured by Intervet Schering – Plough and contains the active ingredient Estriol, a type of oestrogen. Incurin comes in packs of 30 small, scored tablets. The dose rate is simple, starting at 1 tablet per dog per day and can be reduced if treatment is successful.

- Only give Incurin as advised to do so by your vet.
- Do not alter the dose rate without checking with your vet first.
- It is only given once daily.
- If you suspect any side effects then contact your vet.
- If you accidentally overdose your pet then call your vet for advice.
- does not always need to be given every day.
- Animals should be rechecked every 6 months.
- It is available as small, white, scored tablets.Do not store above 30oC

- It can have side effects at high doses.
- Side effects are most likely to occur if animals are receiving >2 tablets per day.
- Side effects from Incurin are related to the oestrogen increasing female traits.
- It can cause a swollen vulva and increased attractiveness to males.
- It can cause an increase in size of mammary tissue.
- Side effects are reversible if the dose of Incurin is lowered.
- It should not be used in pregnant animals.
- It should not be used in intact (entire / un-neutered ) bitches.
- It should not be used in animals less than 1 year old.
- In very rare cases vaginal bleeding and hair loss can be seen.
Dosage and Administration

- Each Incurin tablet contains 1mg active ingredient, Estriol.
- The initial dose rate of Incurin is 1 tablet per dog per day.
- It tablets are given orally.
- If there is a good response to treatment then the dose can be lowered
- If your pet doesn’t respond to Incurin then the dose can be increased.
- It tablets are small, round and white.
- It tablets are scored so they can be broken easily.
- The dose is tapered to the lowest effective dose.
- It should not be used in animals that are drinking or urinating excessively due to another disease process.

- The tablets are a POM-V (prescription only medicine - veterinarian) so they are only available on prescription from your vet
- Dogs must be under the care of the prescribing vet and must therefore have been seen sufficiently recently by your vet in order for him/her to prescribe Incurin
- Dog owners can purchase incurin direct from their vet or they can request a written prescription that can be dispensed by
- Veterinary surgeons cannot legally refuse to supply a written prescription for incurin if requested but they are allowed to charge a fee for doing so
- Since the majority of dogs prescribed incurin are being treated for a life long disease (urinary incontinence) they will need to take long term
- Dog owners can buy incurin tablets legally from an online dispensary such as
- What we sell is identical to the incurin you would buy from your veterinary surgeon though typically 40-60% cheaper


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