Incurin dosage and administration
Further Information about Dosage and Administration of Incurin

The dose rate of Incurin is very simple and is not related to the bodyweight of the dog. The initial dose rate of Incurin is 1 tablet per dog per day. If the response to this dose is good then you can try and taper the dose to half a tablet daily, conversely if the response to this dose is not good and the incontinence continues then you can increase the dose to 2 tablets per dog per day. Ideally the dose of Incurin is tapered to the lowest effective dose. You should however not alter the dose without first consulting your vet.

Each Incurin tablet contains 1mg of the active ingredient Estriol. The Incurin tablets themselves are small, round white tablets which come in blister packs of 30 tablets. The Incurin tablets are also scored to make it easier to split them for dogs that need dosages involving half a tablet. Incurin tablets are given orally once daily.

Incurin tablets are generally very safe if administered as advised to do so by your vet but can have side effects when given at the higher end of the dose range. These side effects are mainly related to feminisation which is an effect of the oestrogen in the Incurin. Side effects of Incurin can include increased size of mammary tissue, swelling of the vulva and increased attractiveness to males. In rare cases, bleeding from the vulva can occur and occasionally hair loss. These side effects are reversible when the dose of Incurin is reduced.

If you see any potential side effects from Incurin or if you think your dog has accidentally received an overdose of Incurin then call your vet for advice. - Pet Healthcare Related Websites and Information
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